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What are the new features in SoMachine Basic v1.4?

The new features in SoMachine Basic v1.4 are:

4 new M221 controllers references with sink transistor outputs
  • M221C16U, M221C24U
  • M221CE16U, M221CE24U
2 new M221controllers references with sink transistor outputs and 4 PTOs
  • M221C40U, M221CE40U
Programming Grafcet language (SFC)
Pulse output enhancements
  • PTO Multi-segments (New MC_MotionTask_PTO FB and a Motion Task Table)
  • Frequency Generator (New %FREQGEN FB)
Remote graphic Display enhancements
  • Chinese & Turkish localization languages
  • Operator interface application improvements
  • New page template with 2 horizontal Bargraph
  • New control table template with monostable command
  • Use of “bits of word” in control table template
  • Help page available on alarm page
  • Configurable "Alarm" key
Memory and SD card management
  • With SD Card
  • Upload / download memory variables to/from SD Card (in addition to application, firmware and post configuration already supported)
  • Firmware update of Display device
  • With SoMachine Basic
  • Offline:   - Creating and reading controller image
  • Online:    - Backup and restore memory parts of controller
    - Erase in controller
Ladder editor enhancements
  • Increase “Symbol area size” by hiding symbol comments
  • Allow multi-ring selection for Copy/Paste between 2 projects
  • Remove several rungs at the same time
  • Insert new rung in middle of a POU or insert a new POU
  • Switch IL / Ladder in online mode
Additionally, the default displayed language is Ladder after a Twido conversion or an application upload, and a Timer Function Block can be configured as retentive.

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