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Pilot wire Heating & Energy management

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  • Egenskaber

    The FIP range is made up of the following catalogue numbers:

    • FIP 0: 15924: room-mounted heating time-delay relay
    • FIP’clic 1 zone: 15783: 1-zone heating manager
    • FIP’clic 2 zones: 15784: 2-zone heating manager, with Tempo rate management
    • FIP’clic + 2 zones: 15785: 2-zone heating manager, with Tempo rate management and consumption indicator

    Technical data
    FIP 0: 15924:

    • Time delay adjustable from 1 to 7 days, per hour or per half day
    • 4-hour pilot wire compatibility


    Comfort at a low price

    FIP products control your electrical heating by pilot wire.

    Allowing for your heating needs and the cost of energy, they offer you comfort at optimum price.

    These products, room-mounted and installed in the electrical switchboard, are designed for implementation by an electrical contractor.

    Use of FIP products makes it possible to:

    Reduce the electricity bill :

    • Heating is managed according to the user programme and the rate period.
    • Load shedding reduces the power subscribed when the subscription was taken out.

    Measure the savings made

    • The FIP’Clic+ 3V-2Z indicates energy consumptions.

    Provide comfort:

    • The user can programme the temperature he requires in various parts of his home according to the time of the day.
    • reduce the electricity bill : load shedding reduces the power subscribed when the subscription was taken out
    • increase the number of loads that can be managed, without increasing subscribed demand
    • enhance continuity of supply : as soon as the power consumed by the installation approaches the power set on the product, DSEs shed non-priority loads


    More especially designed for the residential and small tertiary market, FIP products are used to control electrical heating in a home, a flat or a small shop