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Lexium 15 & Motors

Servo drives and servo motors for machines from 0.9 to 42.5 kW

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Servo drives and servo motors

Lexium 15 & Motors
  • Egenskaber

    Solutions suited to your needs!
    • A wide power range: from 0.9 kW to 42.5 kW, 1-phase or 3-phase
    • 2 motor families to cover all applications and mounting types from 0.18 to 90 Nm

    High performance without any add-ons!
    • A dynamic combination: new silent pole winding technology, fast control loop response time, etc.
    • Everything integrated: EMC, CANopen, etc.
    • Safety integrated: Power Removal, etc.

    A wide choice of interfaces to cover all architectures!
    • Ready to connect: various possibilities, encoder interfaces, I/0s, pulse direction, etc.
    • Ready to communicate: numerous communication buses available

    Intelligent with overall simplicity!
    • Easy to programme and commission: with Unilink® software
    • Easy to install and connect: side by side mounting, compact, cable equipped
    • Easy to start up: thanks to SinCos® Hiperface® encoder


    Intelligent and compact, the new range of Lexium 15 servo drives simplifies your automation architectures. Its control and precision capabilities enable you to obtain the best from your machines.


    • Coil winding/tension control/cut to length
    • Automatic assembly
    • Material handling
    • Single axis
    • Simple Master/Slave
    • Advanced Master/Slave
    • Coordinated axes