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Intelligent Motor Protection System

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MotorSys iPMCC Solutions: intelligent Power & Motor Control Centre for continuous and critical process

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    MotorSysTM iPMCC solutions are the keystone of the LV energy efficiency of your workshops. They ensure the power supply as well as the control and protection of your electric motors and loads.
    They include a complete range of functions for:

    - power circuit protection and control (intelligent Power Control Centre - iPCC),
    - motor control and protection (intelligent Motor Control Centre - iMCC),
    - LV electrical energy management (intelligent Power & Motor Control Centre - iPMCC).

    They integrate perfectly into your site infrastructure through intelligent and communicating architectures which are open to all major industrial networks (Ethernet TCP/IP, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, Modbus, etc.).

    The wide and complete range of the MotorSysTM iPMCC solutions covers all continuous and critical process requirements.
    We design with you the solution which meets your specific needs, ensuring:

    • the right functions as well as the right choice of operational modes,
    • and the optimal level of performance in terms of
      > protection,
      > measurements,
      > connectivity & communication architectures.

    Download the MotorSysTM iPMCC leaflet to discover our range of solutions.




    Optimising the energy efficiency of your assets

    • Maximised production time: up to 15% increase in productivity;
    • High reliability and increased dependability of the installation: up to 70% reduction in untimely shutdowns;
    • Safety of personnel and assets, maintainability and upgradability: up to 90% fewer motor burn-outs;
    • Lead time management and cost reduction throughout the installation’s entire lifecycle: up to 50% reduction maintenance costs. Energy management for efficient consumption and usage: up to 30% electrical energy consumption reduction and cost allocation;
    • Simplified integration to the site infrastructure, to any energy management & control system (EMCS, etc.),and to any process automation system (DCS, etc.), whatever the communication protocol (Ethernet TCP/IP, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, Modbus, etc.


    • Oil & Gas, petrochemicals;
    • Mining, metals, minerals;
    • Water and wastewater treatment;
    • Food & beverage;
    • Pharmaceuticals,
    • Micro-electronics,
    • Airports,