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Merten Artec


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The clean lines

Merten Artec
  • Egenskaber

    Merten Artec offers a wide and complete range in colours and material from standard to medium/high

    Colours and surfaces

    Merten Artec is avaliable in:

    • White (similar to RAL 1013)
    • Polarwhite (similar to RAL 9010),
    • Aluminium colour
    • Stainless steel

    All centerplates in the above mentioned colours from Artec can be used in Antique coverframes.

    Large Variety of functions

    • Merten Artec offers solutions for:
    • Light control
    • Socket-outlets
    • VDI
    • Signalling
    • Electronic light control with dimmers and pir`s
    • Blind and shutter control
    • Temperature control


    • Merten Artec is an international CEE 60 range that offers all needed types of socketoutlets, terminals
    • Merten Artec includes a unique and outstanding KNX offer with high end push buttons, display thermostats and movement and presence detectors
    • For refurbishing and renovation Merten Artec offers a latest – technology RF System fully included in the aesthetics
    • With help of surface boxes, IP44 solutions, outerframes up 5 gang, it makes it easy to find the right solution in any kind of installation
    • With stainless steel made of real metal Merten Artec offers a switch range with real material in centreplate and coverframe that makes it high valuable


    Merten Artec solutions are prepared for any kind of residential living and all non - residential applications like schools, offices, hotels.