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Canalis KBX

Busbar trunking for high intensity lighting system

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Busbar trunking for high intensity lighting system

Canalis KBX
  • Egenskaber

    • Canalis KBX is the most cost-effective solution for high intensity lighting systems. The competitiveness and aesthetics of Canalis KBX busbar trunking, with built-in light fittings, are unmatched. It is the optimum solution for intensely lighted stores and buildings.
    Technical characteristics:
    • Length of busbar trunking components:1.5m or 3m
    • Rated busbar trunking current: 25A
    • Rated insulating voltage: 400V
    • Number of active conductors: 4 conductors
    • Protection index:I P20
    • Colour: white


    • The most cost-effective solution when lights have to be installed in a line
    • Uniform and powerful lighting levels
    • Quick and simple installation
    • Perfectly aligned lights: a guide system ensures that the components are perfectly rigid
    • Halogen free: Canalis does not emit any fumes or toxic gases in the event of fire


    • Commercial centres: shops, shopping arcades, supermarkets, etc.
    • Tertiary buildings: schools, sports rooms, etc.