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Multifix Air

Flush-mounted airtight boxes

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Flush mounted, airtight installation boxes

Multifix Air
  • Egenskaber

    Multifix Air is an inventive and cost-efficient range of flush mounted and airtight installation boxes from Schneider Electric.

    • Single boxes in two depths (40 and 50 mm), both with c/c 60 fixing centres
    • Double box for both horizontal and vertical mounting
    • Accessories like covers, DCL lighting plugs etc


    EN 60670-1

    Materials and Colours

    Boxes: Polypropylene in green colour NCS 2070 G80Y.

    Membrane : TPE in grey colour RAL 7035.


    The range of accessories like hole saw, box covers, DCL plugs and outlets is compatible with the Multifix Plus range.


    Setting a new standard in energy efficiency

    • Meets the highest demands for airtight installations
    • Reduces the air leakage by 95% as compared to standard boxes
    • Both single and double boxes
    • Single boxes in two depths; 40 and 50 mm
    • Four conduit/cable entries in the single box and six in the double box
    • Airtight elastic membranes – safely fixed conduits and yet flexible enough to let the conduits adjust to the wanted position with maintained air tightness
    • Efficient – high-speed screws (triple-threaded) for quick assembly
    • Fast  – knock-outs are easily opened with just the conduit or cable, no tools needed
    • Easy to mount – the wide collar hides mistakes, and the slim “waistline” of the double box eases the hole-making
    • Safe – all metal parts are zinc-plated to eliminate risk of corrosion and the plastic parts withstand a glow wire test of 850°
    • Anti-rotation system in the single box
    • For all kinds of walls and wiring devices – extra long screws and c/c 60 fixing centres
    • Simple to use – self-instructive and functional design


    For all types of hollow walls. Perfect for installations in outer walls but also most suitable for inner walls. Thanks to its construction and all installation benefits, Multifix Air is a real universal box for all needs.