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Premium flush CEE60 with more than 90 functions and accessories

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Premium Flush CEE60 with more than 90 functions and accessories

  • Egenskaber

    • The mechanisms come in 4 colours and can be mixed and matched with 6 shades of cover frames which offers a selection of finishes: basic colors and metallic ones.
    • Functional units can be connected, with plates for up to 5 mechanisms aligned vertically or horizontally to adapt to all the constraints of your interior.
    • The Sedna range meets all functional comfort and security needs in the home. The innovations and technical benefits it offers make installation easy and save time for professionals and individuals alike.
      May be mounted on all types of 60mm boxes (gypsum board, brick and concrete walls)
    • Innovative telescopic products adapt to uneven walls
    • Clear diagram marking on the products
    • Coloured terminals to identify poles
    • Cable inlets aligned and pre-opened in tunnel form
    • Long, robust and protected claws
    • Plastic protection to make the installation safer
    • Child protection on all socket-outlets for children safety
    • And metal fixing frames
    • More than 70 functional units to manage your home:
      > A wide choice of switches and push-buttons (pilot lamp, symbol marking, etc.).
      > Comfort functions that allow improved management of energy consumption at the same time (thermostats, dimmers, motion detectors, etc.)
      > Sockets with built-in child protection,
      > As well as an assortment of connection sockets for Internet, phone, TV/SAT, etc.


    Slim is beautiful

    This resolutely "designer" range is fully accessible and offers a wide choice of standard functional and comfort needs in the home.

    Sedna fulfils EN and IEC standards, and meets the requirements of both professionals and individuals.


    Sedna was ultimately designed to discreetly decorate your interior. The 8 mm profile fits in tastefully and you can choose different combinations of colours and finishes to match your style.