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Conext™ TL

Series Grid Tie Solar Inverters

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Grid Tie Inverters  (1000V DC)
  • Egenskaber

    The new Conext TL 15 kW and Conext TL 20 kW Grid Tie Solar Inverters are suited for outdoor use and are the ideal solution for small commercial building rooftop and other applications. The inverters provide a wide Maximum Point Power Tracking (MPPT) voltage range, an EU Efficiency of 97.5%, fast ROI and high availability. The embedded Modbus communication card allows connectivity with a large range of Schneider Electric products.



    • Transformerless design with high peak and EU efficiency
    • Wide MPPT voltage range
    • Volt-ampere reactive (VAR) control and Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) functions
    • Meets BDEW requirements
    • Large Liquid Crystal display provides instantaneous information – power level, daily energy and lifetime production, system status, and installer customized screens
    • Modbus communication protocol


    • Lightweight and versatile mounting bracket
    • Integrated DC switch
    • AC wiring plug included for easy installation
    • Rugged IP65 allows for outdoor installations


    • Pluggable DC/AC connections for ease of service
    • Dry Contact Connection
    • Remote Inverter Disable
    • Five-year standard warranty


    Solar farms, commercial rooftops, small commercial installations