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  • Going green: the benefits to retailers

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Retailers today face keen competition, reduced profitability of stores due to decreasing foot traffic, rising energy costs, and a need to address corporate sustainability.

All are solid reasons for implementing energy management and sustainability measures, but these numbers are just as compelling:

  • U.S. retailers spend nearly $20 billion on energy each year. 
  • Based on average electricity consumption, 100 stores, each with 10,000 square feet, could generate an energy bill of $1.4 million per year. 
  • A 10% decrease in energy costs has the same impact on the bottom line as an 8% increase in sales per square foot. 
  • On average, an energy management program can deliver savings of 10 to 30% within three years. 
  • Sustainable brands outperform the market by 120% and tend to increase sales during tough economic times.

Discover how going green benefits the financial success of a retail enterprise
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