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  • How energy management creates value for hotel operators

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Guestroom energy consumption accounts for 40 to 80% of total energy use across the hospitality industry. Hotel managers can help to maximize energy efficiency benefits derived from improvements.

  • Installation costs: Wireless systems can help minimize costs without restricting daily operation. 
  • Management strategy: Develop effective strategies based on real data. 
  • Individual room efficiency: Identify and rent the most efficient rooms first to help boost profitability. 
  • Property size: Larger hotels with multiple rooms may see an even faster ROI by turning off energy during slower business periods. 
  • Location: Local climate and variations in energy costs impact energy consumption and the ROI of an energy management system. 
  • Demographics: Guest demographics can be an indication of occupancy patterns and a guide to achieving optimum energy system settings. 
  • Incentives and funding: Many local, state, and federal governments are offering incentive programs and funding packages for the installation of renewable and energy-efficient technologies.

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