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  • Leading Plywood Manufacturer Leverages Power Meters to Realize Energy Savings

Regardless of equipment age, we have service options that include Maintenance, Remote Management, Spare Parts, Training, Modernization and Consultation; aligned to 5 key phases of the Asset Management Life Cycle. Worker and manager in warehouse.
Sunchang Corporation expects annual energy cost savings of KRW 100M ($97,478 / €75,200), with an ROI payback within 3 years. “Now we can manage energy by system, load, and time, and . . . expected annual savings would be approximately KRW 100 million [$97,478 / €75,200].” — Ji Seung-Kwon, Deputy General Manager/ Maintenance Team, Sunchang Corporation

Ever-rising energy costs and a commitment to sustainable business practices made reducing energy costs a priority for the management of Sunchang Corporation, a leading plywood manufacturer in South Korea.

Says Ji Seung-Kwon, Deputy General Manager/ Maintenance Team at Sunchang, “We had only a limited number of energy-saving measures, and their effect was not obvious. We knew we needed detailed energy management in order to generate baseline data of our energy consumption by load and automatically control peak demand.

“Achieving energy savings requires a lot of effort on the part of onsite operators. In the future, however, more effective and persistent energy savings should be achieved with less manpower. To this end, we aim to implement control capability for various complex situations using a host of I/O points, including, for example, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to realize even greater energy savings.”

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