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  • Schneider Electric participates in Microsoft’s CityNext initiative

Schneider Electric Sustainable Building The Hive
Microsoft CityNext empowers people to transform their cities. “We believe a new era of innovation will create opportunities for people to utilize technology to accomplish what they never thought possible.” —Laura Ipsen, corporate vice president Microsoft Worldwide Public Sector

Connecting government, business, and citizens to shape the next generation of cities

More than 50% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and nearly 70% of people will live in cities by 2050. This ongoing migration creates unprecedented opportunities but also intensifies problems such as aging infrastructure, hazards to public health and safety, pollution, crime, and traffic. Microsoft CityNext is a global initiative that enables cities to harness a new era of innovation through a people-first approach – now and for the next generation. The initiative helps government, business, and people create healthier, greener, safer, more successful places to live – today and tomorrow.

Participation by Schneider Electric in this initiative underscores our commitment to drive smarter cities as a critical step in addressing the global energy challenge. Together we deliver smart solutions across multiple domains that provide access to real-time data with measurable results, addressing short-term needs and long term goals, at low upfront costs.

Discover how Schneider Electric participates in the Microsoft CityNext initiative for smarter cities
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