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Discover how PlantStruxure architecture makes 3D efficiency a reality

PlantStruxure telemetry and remote SCADA solutions enable smart, efficient, and reliable management of remote operations and assets in critical infrastructures. All local and remote assets are visible in the same architecture, allowing secure, reliable monitoring and control across over a wide area network, from field to enterprise.

  • Plant and Infrastructure: PlantStruxure architecture provides a seamlessly integrated PLC/SCADA platform with an easy, intuitive operator interface that can be customized to specific requirements.
  • Distributed Control System: PlantStruxure PES (Process Expert System) is the innovative process automation system within PlantStruxure that brings together the best of the PLC/SCADA and DCS worlds, and combines it with integrated energy management features.

PlantStruxure offers a 3D model of your current enterprise efficiency that can transform field data from disparate areas into meaningful business information with a direct impact on your company’s bottom line.

See how PlantStruxure solution helped ethanol producer in Brazil reduce operational cost and engineering time
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