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    So you think a strategic marketer can’t beat your core strength? You’re On

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Melanie sees CrossTraining as just part of top-to-bottom wellness — she’s also an avid runner and a trained equestrian.

Melanie Schleeweis-Connor embraces the kinetic lifestyle

Melanie never stops moving. Her goal-oriented approach to business is the same as it is to weight conditioning, running, yoga, and skydiving: ‘I take the same path to EcoBuilding solutions as I do my own lifestyle of wellness … sustainable energy and continuous improvements mean a smoothly functioning machine’.

Melanie connects with partners and customers from Nashville, Tennessee (US) to the UK, to Norway, thriving on collaboration. Mindful of a life/work balance, Melanie Schleeweis-Connor carves her own benchmarks. But why does she keep on moving? ‘I have an insatiable thirst for life’, she says, ‘There’s way too much fun to be had’.


Melanie Schleeweis-Connor
EcoBuilding Strategic Marketing Team
Boston, Massachusetts

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