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LV Power Factor Correction Capacitors for Easy and immediate savings

Fait partie de Easy Series

LV can type capacitors for easy and immediate savings

  • Fonctionnalité

    EasyCan capacitors are low voltage aluminum can type capacitors specially designed to improve your savings by its compact design and easy installation while delivering high durability and safety in standard operating conditions.

    Technical datas:
    • High life expectancy up to 100,000 hours
    • One point mounting and Earthing
    • Voltage up to 525 V
    • Power ratings up to 30 kVar
    • Operating temperature up to 55 °C
    • Degree of protection IP20
    • Compliant with standards IEC 60831-1&-2
    EasyCan capacitors must be selected depending on the working conditions expected during their lifetime. Since the harmonics are caused by non-linear loads, an indicator for the magnitude of harmonics is the ratio NLL of the total power of non-linear loads to the power supply transformer rating.

    Solution: description Recommended use for Max. condition
    EasyCan Networks with non significant non-linear loads NLL = 10 %
    > Standard over-current 1.5 IN
    > Standard operating temperature 55 °C (class D)
      > Normal switching frequency 5,000 / year
      > Standard life expectancy up to 100,000 h
    VarPlus: (Box and Can - Heavy duty capapcitor) > Networks with a few non-linear loads NLL = 20 %
    > Significant over-current 1.8 IN
    > Standard operating temperature 55 °C (class D)
    > Significant switching frequency 7,000 / year
      > Long life expectancy up to 130,000 h
    VarPlus Box Energy: Capacitor for special conditions > Networks with significant number of non-linear loads NLL = 25 %
    > Severe over-current 2.5 IN
      > Extreme operating temperature 70 °C
    > High switching frequency 10,000 / year
    > Extra long life expectancy up to 160,000 h


    A safe, reliable and high-performance solution for power factor correction in the most severe application conditions

    • Self-healing
    • 3 Phase Pressure-sensitive disconnector
    • Non accessible tamper resistant discharge resistors.
    • Finger-proof Clamptite terminals
    • High thermal efficiency


    Easy to install, easy to maintain

    • Compacity with an optimized design for reduced panel dimension.
    • One point fixing and earthing for easy installation
    • Unique termination system for maintained tightening


    Fixed and Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) systems
    • Compensation in standalone applications and in APFC systems
    • Compensation with detuned reactors in APFC system.


    • EasyCan
    • EasyCan
    • EasyCan
    • EasyCan


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