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Electric batteries in Europe: industry leaders create Upcell - European Battery Manufacturing Alliance, to ensure industrial autonomy and reassert European economic sovereignty

Rueil-Malmaison, France


  • A group of industrials and academics met in Paris to officialise the creation of an alliance to support European actors in the development of their activities and production capacities for electric batteries.
  • The members of the Upcell Alliance met on the 6th of October to officially celebrate its creation.
  • The Upcell Alliance aims to ensure industrial autonomy and reaffirm economic sovereignty in Europe. Its objective is to scale up the development of the battery cell manufacturing ecosystem in Europe.

In Europe, more than 25 battery manufacturing firms are planning to create more than 100 gigafactories by 2030, requiring approximately 150 billion euros of investment in industrial equipment and production machinery.  This, to comply, among others, with the latest European legislation aimed at banning the sale of new thermal vehicles. In this current context of geopolitics, shortage of semi-conductors and energy shortage, a real desire to rebuild European autonomy and accelerate the transition to electric vehicles has arisen. It is a common value shared by the members and partners of the new Upcell Alliance.

An alliance that brings together European players to develop the European electric battery industry

The association currently brings together 38 industrials and academic members, and is supported by the French government, the government of the autonomous community of Catalonia, as well as French and European public organizations including the PFA, NSE, CARA, EIT InnoEnergy, EIT Manufacturing, and Evolis.

Its European members include:

  • Supplier of speciality materials: Arkema
  • Supplier of electrical components and automation solutions: Schneider Electric
  • Recycler and equipment supplier: MTB Recycling and Rousselet Cobatel
  • Equipment and machine builders: Alfi Technologies, Bühler, Caire Automation, Cleia, Comexi, Comau, Groupe Huguet, Dürr Megtec, Eltronic, Fives Group, In-Core Systemes, Ingecal, Jorgensen, Lazpiur, NPB, Ose Group, Rousselet Robatel, Technax, Xano
  • Electric battery manufacturers: Verkor, BasqueVolt, Blue Solutions, Freyr, InoBat Sunlight, ACC
  • Universities and academic bodies: HESAM University, le cnam, Arts et Métiers, CESI School of Engineering, Universität Oldenburg, INP UGA Grenoble, Politecnico di Milano, Battech-IREC-Eurecat

Upcell Alliance aims to federate the European leaders involved in the battery industrial sector and to build a value chain for the development of the European battery industry.

The association's main missions are:  

  • Boost European innovation by identifying calls for R&D&I research projects, setting up working groups, following the example of the call for projects HORIZON-CL5-2022-D2-01-04 on which several members of Upcell Alliance have already positioned themselves
  • To promote a European economy of electric battery players through their participation in the electric battery innovation projects of the European Community, European governments, and regions of European countries
  • To organise all public events, promotional operations, and conferences

Altogether, these companies cover the 3 main stages of the battery manufacturing process

  1. Electrode production
  2. Battery cell assembly
  3. Pack assembly


Picture provided by Upcell Alliance to illustrate the expertise of its equipment and machinery members across the battery manufacturing process (status of September 2022)

An event to highlight the commitment of the Upcell Alliance partners and members

Members and partners of the Upcell Alliance were welcomed by political and academic representatives. This was followed by a presentation of the main objectives and first successes of the association, and two round tables, moderated by Christophe Pillot, attended by the CEOs of battery manufacturers. This launch event was also the occasion for Fives, Schneider Electric and Verkor to announce their official innovation partnership for the lasts step of battery manufacturing.

The next major event of the Upcell Alliance will be the Batteries Events congress in Lyon, where Claude Laperiere, President of the Upcell Alliance, will present the objectives and ambitions of the Upcell Alliance on October 19th. From November 2022, the association will set up new working groups to position itself on European calls for projects, such as Horizon Europe.

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