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ION8650 V420 (004.020.001) Firmware

Find the firmware for each of the ION8650A, ION8650B, and ION8650C platforms in the attached zip file.NOTE: This firmware is officially tagged using the new format for firmware version strings as defined in Schneider Electric Power Data Model Invariant. Basically, this format is defined as follows:====================================the FW version string consists of 11 characters in the format of “xxx.yyy.zzz”. The “major” version (xxx) will be incremented when major FW features are added or when compatibility break is introduced in the product.The “minor” version (yyy) will be incremented when existing FW features are updated or new features are added but compatibility with previous version is maintained.The “patch” version (zzz) will be incremented for quality updates only, i.e. bug fixes.================================For this release of what is commonly and traditionally called V420, the major version is 004 and the minor version is 020. Future firmware releases will likely no longer refer to the traditional firmware number designation in favor of this new firmware version string format.

Kuupäev: 25 juuni 2015 | Tüüp: Riistvara
Keeled: Inglise | Versioon: V420
Dokumendi viide: ION8650_004.020.001


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