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Dimmeriteseeria DIN liistule

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  • Toote info

    The STD-SCU range consists of:

    • STD400RC/RL-DIN and STD400RC/RL-SAE dimmers
      for 230V incandescent and halogen lamps or ELV halogen lamps (with electronic or conventional transformers) from 40 to 400 W
    • STD1000RL-DIN and STD1000RL-SAE dimmers
      for 230V incandescent and halogen lamps or ELV halogen lamps (with conventional transformers) from 60 to 1000 W
    • SCU10-DIN and SCU10-SAE dimmers
      for fluorescent tubes and fluocompact lamps with electronic ballast up to 1500 W

    Kasulikud omadused

    • STD and SCU dimmers help make your life more comfortable by letting you adjust lighting to your needs at any time of the day. 
    • Compatible with most types of lighting, they can control high powers.
    • Installed in a switchboard, on a DIN rail, they can be controlled by several push-buttons.


    • STD and SCU dimmers are designed to adjust light intensity to your needs. They are particularly intended for the residential and tertiary sectors, for example to light conference rooms, cinemas, restaurants and shops.