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Simplify HVAC & R machines programming & commissioning


  • Tooted A–Z

    Dedicated OEM HVAC software for developing, configuring and using your HVAC &  R machines irrespective of your programming ability.
    > Simplify and optimise your development time

    A single software package that includes programming of Modicon M168 logic controllers, remote displays, setting up “Expansion bus” and Modbus networks, and configuring building management communication modules on BACnet MS/TP and IP, Lonworks or KNX
    A wealth of ready-to-use templates and libraries:

    Application Function Blocks, machines program templates, architectures that have already been Tested, Validated and Documented
    A range of integrated functions: compilation and debugging,
    hardware configuration tool, etc.
    > Improve the energy efficiency of your machines

    By implementing energy efficient Application Function Blocks (AFB) specifically developed for water temperature control, high pressure control, suction superheat control, discharge air temperature, etc.
     > Manage your adaptations and developments effectively

    Make application programs modifications easily, reuse or create your own function blocks while capitalising on your developments
    Several programming levels are possible (FBD and/or ST/C) 
    Standard, open BMS: BACnet IP/WEB, BACnet MS/TP, Modbus TCP/WEB, LONWorks, KNX, etc.