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Residential garage

Elektriauto laadimistaristu

Electric vehicle recharging infrastructure in a residential garage

Residential garage
  • Toote info

    Why install a charging station at home?
    By installing a charging station at home, the occupant has access to equipment specially designed to withstand several hours of use on a daily basis.

    • Advantage 1: Avoid any electricity-related risk
    • Advantage 2: Improved ease of recharging

    The offer includes:
    The prior visit of an installer recommended by Schneider Electric who will operate on the supply of the equipment, its installation and warranty.

    Features:  charge control

    • On: immediate – as soon as the cable is plugged in or the "Start" button is pressed.
    • On: delayed – on an external order from a time switch or off-peak contact.
    • Off: automatic – battery fully charged; manual – by pressing the "Stop" button.

    Technical characteristics

    • Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
    • Power: 3 to 22 kW
    • Charging mode: mode 3 as per IEC 61851
    • Charging socket-outlet: type 3 as per IEC 62196
    • Mechanical protection by sliding shutter

    Kasulikud omadused

    Electric vehicle recharging infrastructure in a residential garage by Schneider Electric

    Using an electric vehicle requires a safe and easy-to-use charging system
    at home. Schneider Electric has designed domestic charging stations in order to meet these requirements in the  best possible way.
    The domestic recharging stations can be installed on all type of domestic installation, new or existing, single-phase or three-phase:
    installation either indoors or outdoors in a hermetic protective casing.

    Domestic charging station and safety: when a vehicle is being charged a strong electrical current -16 A or 32 A - flows through an outlet for 6 to 8 hours.
    The domestic station has been designed to withstand these particularly harsh operating conditions without overheating and thus without risk of fire.
    Domestic charging infrastructure and comfort: ideally installed near the vehicle, the domestic terminal is very user-friendly.
    Charging is often controlled by a single operation: simply plug it in.
    Domestic charging station and energy management: have a reasonable subscription without risk of disconnection.
    The domestic terminal, coupled with its load-shedding contactor, guarantees that you won't experience a power outage when the oven is turned on.


    Thanks to our offer, electric vehicle owners are able to easily and safely charge their vehicles, without any risk of exceeding their supply contract and in the most ecological manner.

    > Our solution includes energy management services (load shedding, "demand-response", carbon footprint, etc.).

    Installation architecture of an electric vehicle charging infrastructure in a residential garage


    • Supervision of electric vehicle recharging in a residential garage
    • Electric vehicle recharging station in a residential garage