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Modicon M580 - ePac

Integreeritud võrguühendusega tööstuskontroller

Part of Modicon

Modicon M580 on PALJU ROHKEM kui lihtsalt PAC – see on maailma esimene ePAC.

Modicon M580 Safety configuration with the full safety rack
  • Toote info

    Modicon M580 is the world’s first ePAC – with Ethernet built right into its core. Its gives you the power to design your automation architecture without constraint, by allowing to mix your remote and distributed I/O on the same network. You capitalize on X80 modules to reduce your maintenance and training costs and benefit from the latest technology and standards.
    Modicon M580 - ePAC is the controller of choice for our collaborative and integrated automation architecture, PlantStruxure.
    Develop, implement, and operate a process with all the benefits of open networking:

    • MORE visibility of key process data and events
    • MORE transparency and consistency of information
    • MORE capacity for data traffic

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    Achieve a more productive and efficient process
    By embedding standard unmodified Ethernet right into its core, Modicon M580 offers you more transparency, flexibility and openness so you can access the right production information at the right time, and achieve a more productive and efficient process.

    Data management speed up to twice
    Timestamping less than 1 millisecond

    Open Ethernet backbone
    High-tech PAC
    High precision
    Safety designed for future
    Energy efficiency enabling
    Cyber secure built-in
    Easy and flexible:

    Design your architecture without constraints
    Modify your process and architecture in run
    Diagnose remotly
    Reduce your development costs

    Secure investments


    • Modicon M580 Safety configuration with the full safety rack
    • Modicon M580 Safety configuration with the full safety rack
    • Modicon M580 Safety configuration with a mix of standard X80 & Safety I/O