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Lexium SD2 & Motors

2-phase stepper drives and stepper motors

Lexium SD2 & BRS2, Two-phase range up to 9.2 Nm with a high torque at low rotation speeds

Lexium SD2 & Motors
  • Tooted A–Z

    SD2 stepper motor drives are available in two power classes: 3.0 Amps and 5.0 Amps.
    The SD2 stepper motor drives are available:

    as programmable units for communication via RS 485
    for communication via CANopen
    for communication via pulse/direction interface
    This open communication concept allows for integration into existing system environments
    The BRS2 motors are available in four flange sizes :

    36mm, 42mm, 57mm and 85mm
    With its small dimensions, the SD2 stepper motor drive requires very little space in the control cabinet.
    Simple cabling and parameterization of the SD2 allow for easy and quick commissioning. The user-friendly PC commissioning software allows for rapid commissioning.