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Free software to estimate energy savings on HVAC pump & fan motor applications, up to 2.4 MW.

ECO2.0, user-friendly free software for PCs, smart phones and tablets to estimate potential energy savings on your pump and fan motor applications, up to 2.4 MW .

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    ECO2.0 is a utility software designed to estimate potential energy savings achievable when using an Altivar variable speed drive solution instead of a standard mechanical solution.

    This software supports Altivar offers dedicated to pump and fan applications such as Altivar 212, Altivar 61, and Altivar 61 Plus.

    To improve your experience, ECO2.0 software is available for PCs, smart phones, and tablets.

    In a few clicks, you can:

    Select the right Altivar drive for your application
    Obtain enriched information on selected solution(s)
    Compare the energy consumption (with or without the drive)
    Estimate the potential energy savings from both a financial or electrical point of view, as well as your contribution to protect the environment (estimate CO2 emissions)
    Save project data on your device or send it directly through email
    The accuracy of the results depends entirely on the accuracy of the data you provide.
    This tool was developed and designed to provide you with estimates on the energy consumption of your applications. The results are not contractually binding."