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Harmony XK, XJ

Joystick controllers and controller stations & desks

Part of Harmony

Joystick controllers and controller stations and desks

Harmony XK, XJ
  • Toote info

    3 ranges to operate a machine in four directions (up/down/right/left) inside a cabin

    XKB for light duty application

    • Compact and lightweight
    • Pre-defined cams (XKBA) or variable composition (XKBE)
    • 4 contacts (10A) per movement + 1central position
    • Mechanical durability : 1 million in each direction

    XKD for medium duty application

    • Compact and fully configurable
    • Use with XJC controller stations or seated controller desks
    • 16 contacts (10A) max per movement
    • Mechanical durability : 3 millions in each direction

    XKM for heavy duty application

    • Extremely robust and fully configurable
    • Use with XJC controller stations or seated controller desks
    • 24 contacts (16A) per movement
    • Mechanical durability : 4 millions in each direction

    Spare parts and accessories : bellows, handles, legend plates, potentiometers, etc...

    Kasulikud omadused

    Robust and customized control

    • Designed to control hoisting and materials handling equipments, their extreme robustness enables uses in severe environments
    • By their huge number of configurations, they cover a wide choice of applications.


    • Hoisting and materials handling applications
    • Combined with automation system equipments they ensure the starting, acceleration and braking of the drive motors


    • XKB, for light duty application such as little handling machines, lifting trucks...
    • XKD, XKM for medium and heavy duty application for cranes, conveyor belts control