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Variable speed drive, Altivar Process ATV600, APM, Low Harmonic 600 V, 650 hp



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Range of productAltivar Process ATV600
Product or component typeVariable speed drive
Product specific applicationProcess and utilities
Device short nameATV6B0
variantModular version
Product destinationSynchronous motors
Asynchronous motors
Mounting modeCabinet mount
Kit composition1 control unit
mechanical mounting kits
power connection
set of fuses
3,0 power module 200 kW
2 front cover
EMC filterIntegrated 300 m EN/IEC 61800-3 category C3
IP degree of protectionIP00 for IP21 or IP54 cabinet integration)IEC 61800-5-1
IP00 for IP21 or IP54 cabinet integration)IEC 60529
Degree of protectionUL 61800-5-1 cabinet integration)
UL 61800-5-1 cabinet integration)
Type of coolingForced convection
Supply frequency50...60 Hz - 5...5 %
Network number of phases3 phases
[Us] rated supply voltage600 V - 10...15 %
Prospective line Isc50 kA
Asynchronous motor control profileConstant torque standard
Variable torque standard
Optimized torque mode
Synchronous motor control profilePermanent magnet motor
Synchronous reluctance motor
Speed drive output frequency0…500 Hz
Nominal switching frequency2.5 kHz
Switching frequency2...4.9 kHz adjustable with derating factor
Safety functionSTO (safe torque off) SIL 3
number of preset speeds16 preset speeds
Communication port protocolEthernet
Modbus serial
Modbus TCP
option moduleSlot A communication module, Profibus DP V1
Slot A communication module, PROFINET
Slot A communication module, DeviceNet
Slot A communication module, Modbus TCP/EtherNet/IP
Slot A communication module, CANopen daisy chain RJ45
Slot A communication module, CANopen SUB-D 9
Slot A communication module, CANopen screw terminals
Slot A/slot B digital and analog I/O extension module
Slot A/slot B output relay extension module
Motor power hp650,0 hp 600 V
550,0 hp 600 V
Line current511,0 A 600 V normal duty)
434,0 A 600 V heavy duty)
Apparent power531 kVA 600 V normal duty)
451 kVA 600 V heavy duty)
Continuous output current650,0 A 2.5 kHz normal duty
520,0 A 2.5 kHz heavy duty
Maximum transient current715 A 60 s normal duty)
780 A 60 s heavy duty)
Permissible temporary current boost1.1 x In 60 s normal duty)
1.5 x In 60 s heavy duty)
Output voltage<= power supply voltage
Motor slip compensationCan be suppressed
Automatic whatever the load
Not available in permanent magnet motor law
Acceleration and deceleration rampsS, U or customized
Linear adjustable separately from 0.01...9999 s
Braking to standstillBy DC injection
Protection typeThermal protection motor
Safe torque off motor
Motor phase break motor
Thermal protection drive
Safe torque off drive
Overheating drive
Overcurrent between output phases and earth drive
Overload of output voltage drive
Short-circuit protection drive
Motor phase break drive
Overvoltages on the DC bus drive
Line supply overvoltage drive
Line supply undervoltage drive
Line supply phase loss drive
Overspeed drive
Break on the control circuit drive