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Devicenet communication module



Tehnilised andmed

Range of productAltivar
Product or component typeCommunication module
Range compatibilityAltivar Process Modular
Altivar 32
Altivar Process ATV600
Altivar Machine ATV340 except Sercos drives
Altivar Process ATV900
Altivar Machine ATV320
communication port protocolDeviceNet
Electrical connection1 connector 1 removable 5-way screw connector
Transmission rate125 kbps, 250 kbps and 500 kbps configurable
Maximum cable distance between devices100 m 500 kbps
500 m 125 kbps
Addressing1...63 configurable by graphic terminal/SoMove software
Communication serviceInputs : polled, change of state, cyclic
Outputs : polled
ODVA AC drive and CiA 402 profile
Auto device replacement
Communication monitoring time out adjustable by DeviceNet configurator
Display type1 LED MS (Module Status)
1 LED NS (Network Status)
diagnostic functionControl mode received by graphic terminal
Received instruction by graphic terminal
Bus profileCIP AC Drive
CiA 402
Net weight0,3 kg
Pakke osad
Pakendi tüüp 1Db
Ühikute arv pakendis 11
Package 1 Height4,7 cm
Pakendi laius 16,2 cm
Pakendi pikkus 18,9 cm
Pakendi kaal 166,0 g
Pakendi tüüp 2Doboz
Ühikute arv pakendis 2100
Pakendi kõrgus 230,0 cm
Pakendi laius 230,0 cm
Pakendi pikkus 240,0 cm
Pakendi kaal 27,098 kg
Contractual warranty
Garantii18 months