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In a multi-Computer network , which data is stored in the master and which is stored in the slave ?

In a TAC Vista system, each computer to which devices are directly connected contains an object database. The database only stores those devices that are connected to that specific computer. This means that the object database is not the same in any two computers. Via the network, the object database in one computer is accessible from all other computers within the network, this means that all devices within a network can be accessed from any of the computers in the same network. Events occurring in the TAC Vista system are stored in an event log. Unlike the object database, there is only one event log and this contains all events in the network. The event log is stored on the computer where the Vista Server designated as master is installed. Alarms emanating from devices directly connected to a computer in the TAC Vista network are stored in the same computer's alarm database. The contents of the alarm databases in all computers in the network are accessible on one combined list.

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