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What is the steps to set a floating license & pull it from the Server? & maximum number of floating licenses per server?

To pull the floating  License  from the server machine you will need to set the following parameter in display machine.
ComputerRole = 1
FullLicense = 0

Floating Licenses allow Vijeo Citect workstations to share one or more Vijeo Citect licenses across the LAN, WAN, or Dial-in connections. Floating licenses are usually made available from one of the Vijeo Citect servers.  
means this Vijeo Citect  License available in one PC and through LAN & WAN its share  licenses.

More than one Citect License may reside on the hardware key attached to a Citect Server, a Citect Client will search the network to find an available Floating License.  
Note :-  There can be up to 254 floating licenses on each server.  

Vijeo Citect's licensing is calculated on the number of instances of Vijeo Citect runtime that will be running at any one time, not the number of computers with Vijeo Citect  installed.  
For example, if Vijeo Citect is installed on 100 computers with no more than 15 instances running at any one time, only 15 licenses are required
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