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How to run OPC Factory Server (OFS) as a NT Service?

How to run OPC Factory Server (OFS) as a NT Service?

Product Line:
OPC Factory Server, OFS

The OFService NT service is used to start OFS Server automatically each time the service is started.

In this case, the icon for the OFS server is not visible; the server is operating in background mode.
It is always possible to start Windows and manually stop the server by using the Control Panel.

Configuration Setting
NOTE: NT services are controlled by executing services.msc command line.

To use the NT service, you need to make the following modifications to the configuration of your machine:
1. Configure your server (alias, time out, and so on) preferably using the hidden option in the diagnostic folder.
2. Run the OFSService.bat batch file, which can be found in the directory containing the executable file of the server.
3. Configure the OFService service.
  • 1. Execute services.msc.
  • 2. Double-click OFService service.
  • 3. Select the Log On tab in the Properties dialog box.
  • 4. Select This Account and enter an account (the account can be an administrator of the computer declared into workgroup or member of a Domain). This account is referred below as OFService Account.
4. Configure COM/DCOM client and OFS Server stations. (if you are not using DCOM go to step 5)
  • 1. Follow steps 1 to 15 given under Configuration Using Windows 2000. Refer to Configuration.  Using Windows 2000 (see page 52).
  • 2. Authorize the users to start up the server. The SYSTEM, INTERACTIVE, and NETWORK users are in this list. Others such as EVERYONE can be added.  Also add OFService Account to the list.
  • 3. Click OK to close all the dialog boxes.
5. Start the Services tool. OFService should appear in the list.
6. Select OFservice. The default value is Manual.
7. Close the Services tool.
8. Reboot your machine and OFS should run (use the Windows NT Task manager to verify).  Before rebooting, you can test that everything is OK by starting OFService manually.

You can then start OFservice and OFS by using Start and stop it using Stop. You can also start it automatically by setting Startup type to Automatic.

NOTE: The NT service cannot operate on a server in evaluation mode (client not yet registered) or in DEMO mode.

NOTE: You can run OFS server without opening a Windows session on Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008. On other systems, open a Windows session on the computer.

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