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Can we use flexible Busbar upto 630A in Blokset ?

We have not used Flexible busbars inside the Blokset switchboard. Hence you will not find any reference of flexible busbars inside the Blokset offer.

So coming to your request,it is possible to use the flexible busbars inside the Blokset.

Few recommendation to use inside the Blokset

1. The electrical characterstics of the conductors should be good.

2. Pls make sure the insulator of the flexible busbars of good quality( heat and fire resistance).

3. Make sure you use the adequate cross section of the conductors.

4. Select the required length of the busbars only. Do not use higher lenght of the busbar or the lower lenght. This will lead to problems of temperature rise.

5. Make sure the insulations are not damaged while assembly.
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