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WHy Prisma IPM IP56 can not be used as an outdoor application ?

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Prisma panels are indoor enclosures and are not suitable for outdoor installation. For outdoor installation, you may opt-to the Outdoor Heavy Duty Universal Enclosures range attached. 

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1. IP54 is not for outdoor application. It is just to sustain accidental water sprinkling such as leakage from the roof or HVAC system which is temporary. For outdoor application, it is mandatory to have minimum IP 66 which we are not compliant. 

2. IEC 61439-1 clause 10.2.2; Resistance for corrosion, calls for two types of tests: 
2a. Severity test A (For Indoor enclosures, external metallic parts of Indoor assemblies and internal metallic part of indoor and outdoor assemblies) ---> Prisma iPM complies only to this. 
2b. Severity test B (For outdoor enclosure, external metallic parts of outdoor assemblies) ---> Prisma iPM does NOT comply to this. 

3. IEC 61439-1 clause 10.2.4; Resistance to ultra violet (UV) radiation, test applies only to enclosures and external parts of assembles intended to be installed outdoors and which are constructed of insulating materials or metals that are entirely coated by synthetic material ---> This test is NOT done for Prisma iPM panel. 

As a result of the above mentioned 3 points, Prisma iPM as well as Prisma Plus ranges are NOT suitable for outdoor installation and they are only suitable for indoor use as clearly mentioned in their respective catalogues. 

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