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Can you provide procedure to change the protocol option in the the new rejuvenated Ethernet board in Micom P14x relays & please provide the documentation?

Published date: 15 January 2021

To change the protocol option ( PRP or HSR)  for the new rejuvenated Ethernet board & provide the documentation?

Environment/Product line:
Micom P40 relays

Need to configure require protocol(HSR or PRP) board on your P40 device, thanks to refer the attached the chapter 4 extracted from the the P14x manual (below document extracted from P14x_EN_M_Kj8_B2_LM from our SE site & the link attached below FYR).

As explained below on Chapter 4.1, Please select require mode from HMI of your P14x device, the Ethernet board will reboot and after rebooting time (aprx two min.) the redundant board will change to selected protocol mode after the reboot.

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