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Solution for Operating Theatres

A secure power distribution and monitoring solution for operating theatres


Solution for Operating Theatres
  • Features

    The secure power distribution and monitoring solution consists of the following units :
    1 Electrical system architecture dedicated to continuity of service :
    • A decentralized UPS system for quality of power (optional)
    • A changeover switch in the event of a power outage and for maintenance
    • An isolating transformer and an insulation monitor for IT system electrical circuits.
    2 Monitoring system for real-time information for medical and maintenance personnel
    • Visual and audible indications of electrical faults
    • Display of environmental parameters and state of medical gases
    • Testing of the insulation monitoring system
    • Recording of electrical events and environmental parameters
    • Alarm information by SMS.
    3 Cabinet sizes depending on the available space
    • Prisma Plus System P with integral isolating transformer
    • Prisma Plus System G with separate isolating transformer.
    4 Product offering levels according to the level of information produced by the monitoring system (Full, Advanced, Classic).

    Main characteristics :
    • IP30/IK07 cabinets, In = 63 A maximum
    • Monitoring system: TAC Xenta modules + dedicated software + Magelis touch screen panel in operating room or Vigilohm HRP control panel
    • Smart-UPS 8 or 10 kVA uninterruptible power supply
    • 24 feeders in IT system via a 6.3/8/10 kVA isolating transformer + Vigilohm EM9BV insulation monitor.


    Secure power distribution and monitoring solution for operating theatres
    • Enhanced patient safety
      Ensures the operation of medical equipment and guarantees patient protection from electric shocks
    • Assurance of continuity of service
      Allows the medical personnel to focus on its job
    • Improved personnel efficiency
      Informs medical personnel and maintenance personnel in real time for decision making and action


    • Power distribution and monitoring system for operating rooms and for intensive care units
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