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Simple Energy Management Solutions - SEMS

Configuration Software and Patches

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Simple Energy Management Solutions - SEMS
  • Features

    Simple Energy Management Solutions enables small and medium size building owner and tenants to:

    • Monitor and report all energies: electricity, gas, heat, water, etc.
    • Understand energy usage and determine the most profitable cost savings investments
    • Prove savings and building energy performance
    • Implement basic control and scheduling to avoid energy waste
    • Monitor electrical distribution, environmental parameters and buildings technical equipment
    • Get alarmed to react more quickly and efficiently
    • Scale to multi-site applications

    Specific components:

    • iRIO Energy Server is a solution-in-a-box: it enables energy management dashboards and reports display, as well as configuration, through its web-server. Its firmware is embedded in iRIO hardware. Improvement patches are available for download
    • SIM (Smart Interface Module):
      - Smart Interface Modules provide local physical interfaces with buildings pulse output meters, digital inputs, analog sensors and actuators.
      - The data acquired by the SIMs are collected on the iRIO for the On Site Energy Management solution, or on the EGX300 for the Hosted Energy Management solution.

    SIM configuration tool:

    • The configuration of the SIM products range, SIM10M, SIM10Z, SIM6BZ, EGX105Z and REP100Z is done via 2 software configuration tools which must be installed on a PC.
    • The SIM10M Modbus Slave program allows to configure the SIM10M via the USB connector on your computer.
    • The ZigBee Configuration Tool program allows you to configure:
      - The EGX105Z via the Ethernet port on your computer
      - The SIM10Z and the SIM6BZ via the USB connector on your computer or via the gateway EGX105Z
      - The REP100Z via the gateway EGX105Z
    • SIM range configuration tools are available in 4 languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian


    • Automate energy metering and reporting
    • Customized reports
    • Understand energy usage
    • Identify most profitable cost savings investment and prove achievements
    • Comply to stakeholders expectations and regulation requirements
    • Improve operation and maintenance efficiency
    • Reduce energy costs (by up to 15%)


    Energy management solutions for small and medium size buildings.


    • iRIO simple energy management controller
    • SIM10M

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