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Electronic overcurrent relays

Electronic Over Current Relay – Protection Components [Protection of AC Motor, DC Motor and System Voltage]

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        • It can provide both over-voltage and under-voltage protection at the same time.
        • There are three types of model depending on the input voltage. 
        • For the range of protection, it can be used for 3-phase or single-phase depending on the model.
        •     110V Type:  110~150V for over voltage, 80~120V for under voltage
              220V Type:  220~300V for over voltage, 160~240V for under voltage
              440V Type:  380~500V for over voltage, 300~440V for under voltage
        • The 3-phase line voltage is displayed at an interval of 5 seconds. 
        • The operation time for over voltage and under voltage can be set separately. 
        • The cause of operation and operation voltage are saved up to three times. Thus, you can check them anytime. 
        • Over-Voltage Relay (OVR) and under-voltage relay, which can be used for single-phase, are available. (EOVR, EUVR)
        • The protection range of analog single-phase for over-voltage relay (EOVR) is as follows:
        •     110V Type: 110~150V
              220V Type: 220~300V
              380V Type: 380~460V 
        • The protection range of analog single-phase for under-voltage relay (EUVR) is as follows:
             110V Type:   70~110V
             220V Type:  260~220V
             380V Type:  300~380V


        • It is suitable for the place where the load shedding of Voltage is required.
        • It is suitable for protecting the machine at a place where over or under voltage may damage the machine.
        • Protection relay and digital meter can be used as a single product.


        • Protection of direct current (DC) motor
        • Protection of direct current (DC) machine
        • It is suitable for all places where possibly problematic direct current (DC) is used.

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          electronic voltage relay - 110..150 V AC 50 Hz - 85..250 V AC/DC