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Electronic overcurrent relays

Electronic Over Current Relay – Protection Components [Protection of AC Motor, DC Motor and System Voltage]

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        • Two types detect the current: with Shunt or Hall Sensor.
        • Over current range Shunt Type: 0.1A ~ 240A Hall Sensor: 5 ~ 360A
        • The load current can be checked. Thus, no separate direct current (DC) ampere meter is necessary.
        • The over-current setting can be modified while checking the operation of current.
        • Under current protection can prevent the no-load operation of the machine.
        • It has the characteristics of Definite, and it is suitable for protecting the machine connected to the motor.
        • It immediately swings into operation in response to any shock in the machine connected to the motor when the operation time is set to minimum. (The operation can start within 0.5 seconds.)
        • The use of DUCR-S/H, which is designed for under current protection, can provide protection at no-load operation of the motor or when there is no current.


        • The current can be set while checking the number.
        • The setting can be made correctly according to the desired current.
        • The cause of operation and current are saved.
        • - The last three times can be memorized.
        • The auto reset time can be set.


        • Protection of direct current (DC) motor
        • Protection of direct current (DC) machine
        • It is suitable for all places where possibly problematic direct current (DC) is used.