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  • Main
    product name
    product or component type
    Control unit
    [Us] rated supply voltage
    380...415 V AC 50/60 Hz
    operating mode
    Forced operation on normal source
    Automatic operation
    Forced operation on replacement source
    Stop (both normal and replacement source off)
    interlocked device
    Compact NS100...630
    Compact NS630b...1600
    Masterpact NW
    Masterpact NT
    selection modes
    Circuit breaker on R
    Circuit breaker on N
    genset exerciser
    Adjustable delayed shutdown
    Startup control
    test function
    By pressing the test button on the front of the controller
    complementary function
    Setting of maximum startup time for the replacement source
    Forced normal source if replacement source not operational during peak-tariff
    Selection of type of normal source (single-phase or three-phase)
    Additional contact: transfer to replacement source only if contact is closed
    Voluntary transfer to replacement source (e.g. energy management commands)
    local signalling
    Fault trip
    input type
    Contacts customer voluntary order to transfer to source R
    output type
    Contacts customer : indication of operation in automatic or stop mode
    [Ith] conventional free air thermal current
    8 A
    [Ie] rated operational current
    AC-12 : 8 A AC 110 V
    AC-12 : 8 A AC 220/240 V
    AC-12 : 8 A AC 24 V
    AC-12 : 8 A AC 48 V
    AC-13 : 6 A AC 110 V
    AC-13 : 6 A AC 220/240 V
    AC-13 : 7 A AC 24 V
    AC-13 : 7 A AC 48 V
    AC-14 : 4 A AC 110 V
    AC-14 : 4 A AC 220/240 V
    AC-14 : 5 A AC 24 V
    AC-14 : 5 A AC 48 V
    AC-15 : 3 A AC 220/240 V
    AC-15 : 4 A AC 110 V
    AC-15 : 5 A AC 24 V
    AC-15 : 5 A AC 48 V
    DC-12 : 0.4 A DC 250 V
    DC-12 : 0.6 A DC 110 V
    DC-12 : 2 A DC 48 V
    DC-12 : 8 A DC 24 V
    AC-12 : 4 A AC 440 V
    AC-12 : 5 A AC 380/415 V
    DC-13 : 2 A 24 V
    IEC 947-5-1
    IP degree of protection
    Connectors : IP20 conforming to EN 60529
    Front : IP40 conforming to EN 60529
    Side : IP30 conforming to EN 60529
    IK degree of protection
    Front : IK07 conforming to EN 50102
    Contractual warranty
    Warranty period
    18 months
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    catalog source changeover system- Compact NS/NSX/INS-INV/Masterpact (Version 2.1)
    User guide
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    Compact NSX100-630 - User guide (Version 00)
    Date 3/14/19
    Size 13.2 MB
    Instruction sheet
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    Transferpact - UA controller (Version 04)
    Date 3/7/19
    Size 9.7 MB
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