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Mini8 Multi-Loop Controller

The Mini8 Multi-Loop Controller offers high-performance control in Eurotherm panel mount PID controllers.

It is a compact data acquisition device with a modular design for I/O and a feature set to cater to both simple and complex use.


The E+PLC range combines Eurotherm core expertise in measurement accuracy, precision control, and tamper-resistant recording, together with proven PLC functionality. The range includes a single-box solution for small machine applications, and a modular platform solution for larger machine processes.
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Modicon M580

Modicon M580 Ethernet embedded programmable automation controller (ePAC) is an innovative solution that lets you drive productivity, boost performance, and prepare for the future.
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Modicon M221

Modicon M221 Logic Controller offers best-in-class performance. Available also in a book format, it requires minimal installation and offers tremendous versatility.
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Modicon Quantum

Large PLC for process applications, high availability, and safety solutions.
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Modicon M340

Mid range PLC for industrial process and infrastructure.
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We offer PLC and PAC training on-site at our training facilities. Schneider Electric can help increase your workforce’s skill levels and knowledge with training assessment programs.
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