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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.

LV Non Type Tested Panel Partners

Core Components-Qualified Partner

Al Tawakol Electrical Company – Gila

Head Office: 33, 26 July St, Cairo
Factory: Plot 7/8, Industrial Zone A2 , 10th Ramadan City
Tel: 19796
Fax: + (202)25771766 
Email: gila@gila.com.eg 
Website: www.gilaelectric.com


Head Office : 25 El Tayaran St. Nasr City Factory: Industrial Zone B1, 10th of Ramadan City
Tel: +(202)24016523 , +(202)22616760 , +(202)22620642
Email: memico@memico-group.com
Website: www.memico-group.com

Al Dawlia IEC

Head Office: 36 Roshdi St. , Cairo
Factory: 35/1 Central Industrial Axis , Beside Ahram Canadian University , 6th October City
Tel: +(202)23956656 , +(202)23961507/8 , +(202)38302761/2/3
Fax: +(202)23958333
Email: info@iec-egypt.com
Website: www.iec-egypt.com

Al Tawakol for Electrical Industries NTT

Head Office: 15 Emad El Dine St, Cairo
Factory: Block 13022, 1st Industrial Zone, Obour City
Tel: +(202)25911800 , +(202)25911102
Fax :+(202)25927843
Email: ntt@altawakol.com
Website: www.ntt-altawakol.com


Contracting & Trading
Head Office and Factory
9 Steel Industries Sector-Industrial Zone -124 Fadan Abo Rawash-Giza-Egypt.
Phone: +202339100056/57
Mobile: 01127227117, 01110097766
Email: swissria@swissria.com, swissfactory@yahoo.com

3 Brothers

Head Office: 21 El Mahad El Eshtraky St. Heliopolis, Cairo
Factory: Industrial Area A4, Block 129,130 & 131 , 10th of Ramadan City
Tel: +(015)410243, +(202)22586286
Fax: +(015)410241, +(202)22587966
Email: sbsales@3-brothers.com
Website: www.3-brothers.com

GSI for Electrical Industries - GAD

Head Office: 36 Rushdi St. Abdin, Cairo
Factory: Industrial Area A3, 10th of Ramadan City
Tel: +(202)23919360
Fax: +(202)23920760
Email: sales@gad-industries.com
Website: www.gad-industries.com

Electric Technology

Address (HO): 5 Fawzy Moaaz St. Semouha, Alexandria
Address (Factory): Industrial Zone 4 , Borg El-Arab City
Tel: +(203)4248224 , +(203)4248227
Fax ::+(203)4248522
E-mail: electech@electech.com.eg
Website: www.electech.com.eg/Electric

MAM For Engineering Industries

Head Office: 6 El Saad El-Aly St. From Tahrir St. Dokky , Giza
Factory: Plot No. 77, Indusrtrial Zone No.2, Badr City
Tel: +(202)33368710 ,  +(202)37613280 , +(2)01145005127
Fax: +(202)37613269
Email: Info@mam-electric.com
Website: www.mam-electric.com

TEBA for Development Industries

Head Office: 98 Hassan El-Maamoun St.,Nasr City, Cairo
Factory: Plot No.1, Industrial Zone (7A), 10th of Ramdan City
Tel./Fax.: +(202)26774254 , +(202)26774256 , +(202)26774259
E-mail: mohamedshokry@tu-egy.com
Website: www.tu-egy.co

First Group - FGECO

Head office: Industrial Area 124 Acres ,Abo Rawash, Segment 5&7 , K.32 Alex Desert Road
Factory: Industrial Area 124 Acres ,Abo Rawash, Segment 5&7 , K.32 Alex Desert Road
Tel.: + (20)1110078866 , +(20)1001478612
Fax: +(202)33801429
Email: FGECO@hotmail.com
  Website: FGECO-EG.com

Al Motahida for Electrical Panels & Cable Tray

Head Office: 13 Bostan El-Deka St., Emad El Din
Factory: Plot 16B, Industrial Zone B/G, El-Obour City
Tel: +(202)43130253 , +(202)25925690
E-mail: sales@almotahida.co
Website: www.almotahida.co

Professional Engineering Services (PES)

Head Office: 4Z/3 Sayed Dawoud – Teba Building Ellaselky Division -New Maadi - Cairo – Egypt
Factory: Industrial Zone Plot No.4 , Block 2 , Region 7 , 15th May City
Tel: +(202)29820534 , +(202)27538235
Fax: +(202)25175226
Email: Panel.builder@pes-egy.com
Website: www.pes-egy.com

Egyptian For Engineering & Commerce (EGEC)

Head Office: 17 Vector Emanuiel St., Smouha, Alexandria
Factory: Unit 19, Block 17, Third Industrial Zone, New Borg El Arab City
Phone: +(203)4264316
Fax: +(203)4623278
Email: info.alexandria@egecegypt.com , sales.alex@egecegypt.com
Website: www.egecegypt.com

Advanced Panel Technology Company

Head Office: Area No. 10 - Block S63 - Section 19 -
Next to Maadi City Center (Carrefour) - Zahraa EL Maadi - Cairo - Egypt
Factory: Land Plot 38 - Badr City
Phone: (+202) 28606991 - (+202) 23101290
Fax: (+202) 23101288
Email: info@aptec-eg.com, study@aptec-eg.com
Website: http://aptec-eg.com

Deeb Engineering Industries

Head Office: 6 Abany Street - Zizinia - Alexandria - Egypt
Factory: Plot No. 9 Block 29 - Fourth Industrial Area - Borg El Arab
Phone: (+203) 5847508
Fax: (+203) 5847509
Email: info@el-deeb.com
Website: www.el-deeb.com

Power Service project (PSP)
Factory: Area 75 – Abo Rawash Industrial Zone – Behind Smart Village & Nadim Factory
Tel: (+202) 0100 8169406
E-mail: m.elsherif@psp-egy.com
Egyptian Canadian Group for Industry and Trading (ECG)
Plot. 866 - Industrial Zone, New Cairo - Egypt
Email: info@ecg-ltd.com
Tel: +20103-318226
Website: www.ecg-ltd.com

Middle East Engineering & Trading (MEETCO)
Head Office: 29 Fardous St., Tawnayt Smouha , Alexandria
Factory: Block 29 , 4th Industrial Zone, New Borg El Arab City
Phone: +(203) 4874746 - +(20) 01277339936
Fax: +(203) 4874921
Email: Tech.office@meetco.com.eg
Website : www.meetco.com.eg

El Nassera Group for Electrical Industries 

Head Office: 31 Emad El Din St, Cairo
Factory: Block No. 22007, Industrial Area B G, Al Obour City
Tel: + (202)22910962
Fax: + (202)22901169
Email: support@elnassera.com

Al Tholathia for Engineering Industries

Head Office & Factory: Industrial zone-A5, No. 87, 10th of Ramadan City
Tel: +(2)01000080295 - +(2)01000080293
Mail: Smanger@KSA-Egypt.com
Website: www.Ksa-Egypt.com

Tricom Controls and Services

Head Office & Factory: Plant No. 160, Chemical industries – Industrial zone, New Cairo
Tel: +(202) 2573 90 81 / 82
Fax: +(202) 2573 90 80
Email: info@tricomcontrols.com / amro.ghazawei@tricomcontrols.com
Website: www.tricomcontrols.com

Harman for Electro Mechanical Equipment Manufacture & Upgrading

Head Office: Square No 1153 Sheraton, Cairo
Factory: No.138/491, Industrial Zone West North Suez Gulf, Attaka, Suez City
Tel: +(202)22678094 , +(202)22678095 , +(202)22678017
Fax: Internal 12
Email: sales@harman.com.eg

El-Mahdy Electric

Factory: Plot 17 A, Industria East Industrial Compound - Al Rubiki Road, 10th of Ramadan
Tel: +20 1003772941
Email: sales@elmahdyelectric.com
Website: www.elmahdyelectric.com
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