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How to get same DDT variables alignment between Simulator and M340/M580 PLC

M580 , M340 data are aligned on 32 bits, while Premium, Quantum and Unity Pro PLC Simulator are aligned on 16 bits
So on M580 and M340 , 32 bits data (DINT, REAL, UDINT) must only be aligned on even addresses (eg : %MW10), while on PLC simulator they can be aligned on even or odd (eg : %MW10 or %MW11).
Address of DINT, REAL or UDINT elements mapped in a DDT structure may change when the target is switched from real M580/M340 PLC  to Simulator.
It is possible to arrange DDT in order to have same DDT variable alignment between Simulator and M340/M580 PLC
For that you have to enable the Project setting General/Management of build messages “DDT mapping compatibility generates”,  doing this when an analyze is done potential difference between M580 and simulator are reported by a warning.
With these information for the DDT identified : you have to follow the rules written inside UP documentation: "DDT: Mapping Rules" and rearrange the elements 
until not warning is reported.
For example:
my_DDT      %MW10
- W1 INT    %MW10
- DW1 DINT  %MW12
Message at the Built:
{MY_DDT.EN_US}            :              Memory mapping of my_DDT elements might be different between PLC families. Refer to mapping rules in the online help
Effectively with the simulator it becomes:
my_DDT      %MW10
- W1 INT    %MW10
- DW1 DINT  %MW11
if you re-arrange the DDT
my_DDT      %MW1