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584/200 IO

Legacy Modicon PLCs

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Graphic terminals with touch-sensitive screens

584/200 IO
  • Ominaisuudet

    Operator dialog terminals Graphic terminals with touch-sensitive screens “New Technology” available with a wide range of screen sizes (5”, 7”, 10”, 12”) and different versions (monochrome, colour).

    • High level of communication: onboard Ethernet, simultaneous multiple link
    • External data storage medium: compact flash card
    • Multimedia data with integrated image and sound management
    • Windows-based Vijeo Designer software: sophisticated user interface and advanced functions (Java scripts, multiple languages handled, pop-up windows, etc)
    • Compliance with IEC, UL, CSA standards
    • CE marking
    • IP65 protection, NEMA 4


    open for the networked factory

    To improve the overall performance of your production tool, Schneider Electric is offering its new intelligent terminals from the Magelis range.
    Take advantage of this Telemecanique offer, supporting  the latest information and communication technologies.


    • Industry: manufacturers of complex machines with sophisticated applications (automotive industry, conveyor systems, etc).
    • Commercial and infrastructure: buildings, agribusiness.


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