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Data Center Operation

Instant overview of data center operations through inventory management, PUE calculator, real-time device alarms, and location-based drill-down.

Asset management and documentation of data center operations through inventory management

APC Brand Schneider Electric
Data Center Operation schneider.label Instant overview of data center operations through inventory management, PUE calculator, real-time device alarms, and location-based drill-down.
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    StruxureWare Data Center Operation enables vendor-agnostic inventory management with real-time device failures and data shown within your data center physical layout, as well as recommendations on how to resolve issues. A location-based drill-down view provides a structured overview of data center locations, from a global to local view down to single assets. The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) calculator supplies information on daily utilization of energy. For instant updates on the go Data Center Operation: Mobile provides access to StruxureWare Data Center Operation information via handheld. StruxureWare Data Center Operation is available as an Enterprise or a Co-location base application. The Co-location application provides additional space and cage management, integrated tenant billing and reporting capabilities



    • Alarms within physical layout - Provides real-time device failures within floor layout and rack front view for live status of data center operations.
    • Enterprise platform - High availability with failover redundancy through a clustered setup and load balancing, ensuring a mission critical system with no single point of failure.
    • Inventory management - Shows device data within the physical layout for instant access to device details and asset attributes, and overview of data center operations.
    • Live dashboard - Gain transparency to data center key performance indicators through easily configured web dashboards, displaying customizable management-level information.
    • PUE/DCiE calculator - Provides Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) or Data Center infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE) value for information on daily utilization of energy.


    • CAD integration - Enables import of Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings in order to quickly reshape the room and convert CAD cage drawings into the DCIM model, including toggle CAD layers to show all available facility information.
    • Grid-based references - Flexible approach to floor coordinates enabling data center operators to adopt a customized location identification scheme.
    • Recommended Actions - Intelligent alarm descriptions coupled with recommended resolutions reduces the need for training and mean time to repair.


    • Customizable view - Flexible application layout through drag and drop to suit the individual needs of the users.
    • Floor layout view - View an accurate representation of your data center through the easy-to-use graphical floor layout and 3D view.
    • Multiple rooms - Provides the option to display multiple rooms on the same floor plan to accurately depict and navigate large facilities.
    • Rack front view - Detailed rack front view provides an accurate graphical representation of equipment and its location in the rack.
    • Virtual store room - Keep track of new devices from arrival on site in the virtual store room, as best practices recommend.


    • Electrical room support - Monitor capacity and plan changes for centralized power equipment in areas outside of the main data center floor plan.
    • Localization - User interface available in major local languages; English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese & Italian.
    • Optional deployment services - Ensure speedy deployment through the use of Schneider Electric Professional Services.
    • Shared data model - Ensure mature and synchronized data throughout the entire data center life cycle.
    • Vendor neutral - Allows for modeling equipment and data from any vendor, providing support for existing data center environments.


    • Multi-user access - Enables several users to carry out work on the application simultaneously and merging changes from different users seamlessly.
    • Password Security - User-selectable password with strong password rules and reset password mechanism.
    • Read-only Access - Share access without risking unauthorized configuration changes.
    • User roles - Enable location and feature-based access through multi-user login and individual levels of user roles.


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