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Aquis on kaikkein kehittynein, tehokkain ja laajin vesiverkon simulointialusta

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      • Aquis version 6.0
              It is recommended to install Aquis on a separate PC with the following minimum specifications:  
        Hardware requirements
      • A powerful processor CPU (64 bit Intel Core i7 or better recommended).
      • RAM: Minimum 8GB. A 64-bit system is required to address this size of memory.
      • HD screen (minimum of 1920 x 1080 recommended).
      • At least 50 GB free hard disk for the installation. The required amount of space for the models depends on the number and size of model.
        Software requirements
      • The operating systems Windows 7 64-bit/ Server 2008 are recommended (.NET 4.0 enabled), but running 32 bit versions of these is also possible. The OS must always be patched up to the latest Service pack from Microsoft, and should regularly receive MS updates though Windows Update.
      • .NET Framework 4.0
      • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables.
      • Microsoft Visual Basic Power Packs.

              Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 are also supported.
        Older Windows versions such as XP, 2000 and older are not supported.

        Microsoft Office 2010 Professional or higher (must include Microsoft Access) are required for reporting. Much of the configuration, cross checking and data inspection works will benefit from this.
        An installed Aquis 64 bit requires use of Microsoft Office 2010 64 bit. Notice that Office 64 bit version cannot co-exist with the 32 bit version.


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