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Esmi fire detection panels

Modular, user-friendly fire detection panels for all kind of buildings

The fire detection panels are FX101, FX 3NET, FXL 3NET, FXM 3NET and FXS 3NET. The full range of Schneider’s intelligent and addressable ALC and SLC detectors and components, as well as conventional detectors can be connected to the system. A commissioning mode feature makes installation easy and safe.

Esmi fire detection panels
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Esmi fire detection panels

      • "Overview:
        The new leading Esmi Sense FDP fire detection panel puts you at the forefront of fire protection. You get an improved user experience with a totally new design, smart guiding soft keys and a large, intuitive color display. The Esmi Sense FDP fire detection panel together with Fire Expert enables you to monitor and manage your Esmi fire systems online with your PC, smartphone, or tablet – anytime, anywhere. The Esmi Sense FDP fire detection panel comes in three different models: FDP221, FDP252 and FDP292.

        Esmi Sense FDP221 is suitable for small sized building environments.

        Order code:

        FFS00703910 Esmi Sense FDP221 panel D01778GB with SLC and D01779GB with ALC2 loop controller"

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      D01779GB5 Esmi Sense FDP Fire detection panel for ALC2 loop controller 10.8.2018 englanti D01779GB5 FDP Data sheet ALC2.pdf869.4 KB
      D01778GB4 Esmi Sense FDP Fire detection panel for SLC loop controller 10.8.2018 englanti D01778GB4 FDP Data sheet SLC.pdf867.4 KB
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