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  • Avoid cyberattacks: An expert guide to industrial security

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The firewall serves as a barrier to unwanted outside intrusion while allowing legitimate data to communicate with key equipment components No firewall system is 100% impenetrable, but a robust firewall will deter hackers and encourage them to look elsewhAere for easier targets

Why plant operators need to know about firewalls

Cybersecurity incidents are increasing and escalating in complexity, making sophisticated security measures essential for protecting industrial networks. For instance, a hacker could download and alter a medical formula from a pharmaceutical firm, rendering the medication life-threatening. Or an automotive plant’s robotics program may be vulnerable to a process change, and a cyberattack could result in a defective part.

Such threats are a reality today, and can endanger people and cause business loss through network failure and process line inefficiency. What steps can an industry take to limit the possibility of a cyberattack?

  • Choose the appropriate firewall types, depending on application requirements, the level of tolerable risk, and the potential of an attack upon a system.
  • Recognize that the engineers who implement and maintain control systems should understand and select the industrial-grade firewalls.
  • Construct firewall systems with the proper separation and isolation to protect connected systems.

No firewall system is impenetrable, but a robust firewall will deter hackers and encourage them to look elsewhere for easier targets to exploit.

Download an expert guide to industrial firewalls: "Fundamental Principles of Ethernet Security Firewalls in Industrial Environments."

For a detailed discussion of industrial-grade firewalls, download the Schneider Electric white paper, “Fundamental Principles of Ethernet Security Firewalls in Industrial Environments.”

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