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  • How financial firms can create strategic business value from sustainability

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Achieving energy efficiency across an entire real estate portfolio can result in significant total savings. 93% of CEOs view sustainability as essential to their business success

Expert guide to energy management programs for the finance Industry

No longer can banks, insurance companies, and other financial services firms look at sustainability and energy management programs as something “nice to have.” Today these initiatives have a direct impact on the corporate bottom line.

A well-designed sustainability program can help finance industry companies to optimize return on investment in the following ways:

  • Enhanced brand recognition 
  • Competitive advantage under difficult market conditions 
  • Creation of new revenue streams 
  • Margin and profitability improvements 
  • Increased customer loyalty and employee engagement 
  • Lower resource consumption

An effective sustainability and energy management program reflects a shift from a public relations approach to a more scientific, data-driven, long-term business strategy. What’s more, it is not a one-time project driven by a single person, but rather an ongoing process recognized by employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Discover why sustainability offers a strategic advantage to financial companies.
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