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  • It’s Not What You Scale – It’s the Way That You Scale It

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As a general guideline, with 10 or more systems to manage, administration begins to get unwieldy. System aggregation uses a virtual machine which can be installed anywhere in your network, to unite various remote systems.

Overcoming the Challenges of Multiple System IP Video Management Solutions

In this installment of Pelco Consultant, we look deeper into the complexities of video system scalability, and the benefits of aggregation as an approach for accessing and administering multiple remote IP video surveillance systems.

Use of video in organizations, like the retail chain in our example, is growing, and it’s growing in any way that you measure it. More sites. More users. More reach.

  • More sites. If an administrator is managing across remote systems, then she/he has to do this synchronization for each user.
  • More users. A growing trend is that organizations are realizing video data can be used for more than just security and surveillance. That means there will be a need to support more and more users.
  • More reach. As an organization grows, the reach of a single employee is continuing to expand. She/he needs to see more and more sites, and access more and more systems.

Take a deeper look into video system scalability and administration
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