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  • Maximizing space with your electrical room installation

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With multiple pieces of equipment required for electrical distribution, installation time increases while your available space decreases.

How to save labor costs and increase usable space with one simple solution

Square D Integrated Equipment is a factory-assembled, pre-wired enclosure system for panels, transformers, and building controls, which reduces electrical room space requirements by 40%.

An electrical room equipped with integrated equipment enables you to:

  • Make room for future expansions and additional distribution equipment
  • Maximize retail and operational space by reducing electrical room size
  • Complete project builds faster: meet deadlines, save time and money
  • Gain LEED Points
  • Optimize electrical distribution in less space
  • Improve aesthetics
  • Work within project structural and size constraints without expensive expansions
  • Save labor and additional on-site materials costs

Square D Integrated Equipment can save time, space, and hassle in your electrical room build, helping you complete projects ahead of schedule and with maximum efficiency.

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