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  • Why monitoring is not enough for your solar investment

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Control and performance tracking functions are critical if you want to optimize the production of any large solar installation. Conext Control monitorsthe entire balance ofsystem, from DCoutput to grid connection.

Secure your investment with string-to-grid monitoring and control

When considering a monitoring solution for a power plant or other large PV installation, keep a few things in mind. First of all, the solution should not only monitor your power plant, but also let you control it and track its performance over the long term.

To accomplish this, the solution should:

  • Cover the entire balance of system, from the DC string level to the grid connection, including inverters, transformers, switchgear status, auxiliary consumption, and meteorological sensors.
  • Be flexible and scalable. The software must be powerful yet intuitive, to boost operator efficiency without sacrificing functionality.
  • Be able to capture key information generated by the PV system and to analyze it.

A best-in-class solution, Conext Control lets operators monitor and control system performance in real time, on-site or remotely, from string to grid. Meanwhile, owners can monitor energy generation and financial indicators. Together, this means greater visibility of the ROI and long-term protection of the investment.

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